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Hey, you found me!


I'm so glad you did.

I'm Lauryn Williams, a 4x Olympian who just happens to be the first American woman to earn a medal in the summer and winter Olympics. 

But I am so much more than that. Life has afforded me so many wonderful experiences and I'm all about sharing what I've learned with the world. 

Take a peek around and you'll learn more about me, my journey, and how we can connect. 

Learn more about my journey to becoming the first American woman in history to medal in both summer and winter Olympic Games as a track and field sprint and bobsled athlete.

In my book, The Oval Office: a 4x Olympian’s Guide to Becoming a Professional Athlete, I share actionable advice on how you can succeed at building a career as a professional athlete.

I enjoy every opportunity I get to speak to crowds about athletics, financial planning, diversity and inclusion, and personal development. If sharing my story helps others, I'm all about it.

As someone who  found little help during a 10-year athletic career, my background gives me a unique perspective on the needs of fellow young professionals and professional athletes.

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