As a millennial that spent over 10 years as a professional athlete I experienced first hand the gap that exist in quality information available. I wanted simplify money management for my peers.


We deserve non judgmental professional advice and without the condescending “I am so much smarter than you” tone. I am someone who understands where you are coming from and can provide strategies to address your questions and concerns.


My goal is to get you so confident about your finances you feel comfortable talking to your friends about it.

We have all sorts of questions and should not be counting on a google search for CORRECT answers.


I didn't want to be strapped to a desk created a firm that I can operate from anywhere my computer is. As an entrepreneur I can be speaking to a company in the morning taking client calls in the afternoon then heading to a University in the vein to speak to student athletes about financial literacy.


Dallas based with her husband and Great Dane.