Lauryn Williams is an American track and field sprint and bobsled athlete of Trinidadian descent, competing internationally for the United States.
Williams is one of the six athletes to have won a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic games.



Lauryn launches new financial planning business, Worth Winning.

SOCHI Winter Olympic GAMES


Lauryn wins gold in the 2-women bobsled.




Lauryn wins gold in 4x100m 


Lauryn earns an Master's of Business Administration





Lauryn gets 4th in 100m 


Olympic Games


Lauryn earns silver medal in 100m





While Lauryn Williams is diminutive in stature, standing a mere 5’3-1/4″, the frequency of her churning legs is unmatched in her sport, which makes her hard to beat. That’s why she’s one of the fastest women in the world.

While Lauryn had a stellar college career at the University of Miami, it wasn’t until she became the 2004 NCAA Champion in the 100m with a time of 10.97 that she even thought about the Olympics. In 2004, Lauryn was not only the NCAA Champion, she also held the fastest legal-wind time by an American at 10.97, the second fastest time in the world that year. She was also named the 2004 Big East most outstanding track performer and honored as the 2004 Athlete of the Year by the Sports Council.

For Lauryn, 2004 was a major year. In addition to these accomplishments, Lauryn also competed in the Olympics. During her first season as a professional, Lauryn traveled to Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games; at a time when track and field was desperately looking for a ‘darling’, she captured the Silver medal and hearts across the world.

Lauryn has proved herself on the world stage time after time, showing tremendous strength of character, which always put her in contention to win the major championships. Following her success in 2004-2005, she had a new challenge at the World Championships, in Helsinki. At Worlds, Lauryn showed what a tough competitor she truly is. Ignoring the cold and wet conditions, she took home a Gold medal, became World Champion and solidified her place at the top of her sport. In 2006, she secured Silver medals in both the World Indoor 60m and the U.S. Championships. However, hampered by injuries, her season was cut short and Lauryn had to overcome, perhaps, the biggest challenge yet: the road back!

In true Lauryn Williams style, she conquered her injuries and in 2007, at the World Championships in Osaka, she once again showed that she is one the best. Using great form and her will to succeed, Lauryn took the Silver medal in one of the closest finishes ever seen in the history of Track and Field.

While she has a reputation for being a fierce competitor, when meeting Lauryn off the track, this is certainly not how you would describe her. Her fresh-faced smile and personable nature are two of the things that have helped Lauryn become one of the most popular personalities in the sport today. Always taking time to talk to children and fans alike, Lauryn truly is a member of the new generation; a generation that seeks to reconnect the audience with the athletes.

After announcing her retirement from Track and Field in the summer of 2013, Lauryn still needed to satisfy her competitive spirit so she tried her hand at Bobsledding. In true Lauryn fashion, less than a week after touching a sled for the first time, she finished third at the U.S. National Push Championships in Calgary, Alberta. And so began her next Olympic journey!



In July 2013, a nagging injury left Lauryn unable to finish, what was likely to be her final track season. She returned to the states feeling dejected. But, a fortuitous conversation with Lolo Jones, a hurdler known for joining the bobsled ranks in the midst of her track career, changed her mood. After the conversation, her interest was piqued and with stage 1 of the trials looming, she decided to hop on a plane to Calgary and give bobsledding a try. With just one training session under her belt and a bum leg, she managed to finish 3rd in the Push Championships and my bobsled adventure began.

Just to give a little background, women compete in a two (2) person sleigh. There is a driver and brake woman. Lauryn's job as a brake woman was to push the sled with such power and speed that the momentum created will give a great driver that extra “push” needed to guide the sleigh down the track with precision at speeds of over 90 miles per hour.

In December 2013, Lauryn embarked upon the World Cup Race Circuit and was fortunate to win 2 silver and 1 gold medal in the four races that she competed in, thanks in large part to her great drivers. On January 19, 2014 she was named to the USA Olympic Bobsled Team and she represented the United States with just six (6) total months of participation in the sport. She was excited to be paired with Elana Meyers in the BMW USA-1 sled and grateful and fortunate that they were able to slide their way to a Silver medal in Sochi, just 0.10 second from a Gold medal.

Lauryn is extremely enthused about this journey and the opportunity to make the most of another chapter in the exciting story that is her life. The ladies she met while competing in bobsled, better known as “The Wolfpack”, are a part of Lauryn's family now and she is blessed to have met and learned so much from them and this experience. Check out her blog as she will continue to keep you updated about the adventure from there.




As 3x time Olympian, Lauryn knows the hard work and dedication required to take bobsled to the next level and bring home a medal; she has a work ethic matched by few. From an early age, her parents stressed the importance of education and the message stuck. While succeeding on the track, Lauryn also succeeded and excelled in the classroom. She received her Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Miami in 2004, and even gave the commencement address at her own graduation. She also obtained a Florida Real Estate Sale Associate license in 2006. Additionally, during the 2008 Olympic year, while training full time to make the Olympic team, she also managed to simultaneously work on a Master of Business Administration degree, which she received from the University of Phoenix, AZ in 2009.

Recently, Lauryn was struck with a passion for empowering athletes with financial literacy and stability so she completed the course work for Certified Financial Planning and will soon take the exam for CFP certification. After Lauryn has brought home a 2014 Winter Olympic medal, she intends to work with Olympians and other athletes to improve their financial literacy and stability in an effort to continue making a difference in the sporting world.

Currently residing in Dallas, TX, Lauryn is married with a dog, loving her balanced life as a financial planner, podcaster, motivational speaker and volunteer.

Lauryn’s wonderful story of hard work, dedication and perseverance will motivate and inspire people of all ages. If you would like Lauryn to speak at or attend an event at your school, business or organization, click here for more information.