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You will receive a personalized message from Lauryn Williams in your signed copy of the book, "The Oval Office."


Success as a track and field athlete involves much more than training and beating the competition; it’s about building a brand and a business. Olympic Sprinter Lauryn Williams wished she had a guide to help her navigate the many decisions that came her way throughout her career. Instead, she was left to figure it out on her own.In The Oval Office Lauryn shares her advice for winning on and off the track from her perspective both as an Olympic athlete and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This book serves as a how-to guide with valuable information about:• Choosing an agent and a coach• Branding yourself• Understanding sponsorships and contracts• Optimizing earnings and savings• Traveling internationally As an athlete you are the CEO and president of your brand. You decide the direction you will go and what kind of success you will achieve. This book offers you the tools to lay a healthy foundation for making the most of a track and field career.

Personalized Signed Copy of The Oval Office

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