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The last few months have been really busy for me. Travel and training and competing have been at the forefront of my time commitments. I haven’t slept in my own bed in weeks, I haven’t been in the States in over a month, and I’m in desperate need of a sister lock technician (SERIOUSLY)! But I’m not complaining and I’m very grateful and excited! So much has happened in the last month that I don’t know where to really start.

The second half of the bobsled season has been super busy; traveling Europe by car, training, competing, media requests, time zone changes and being away from my family and friends is a lot to juggle. Yet, I’m having a great time. I’ve learned a new sport, found a new family, gained new friends, and have been traveling the world all while competing in a great sport. On top of that, I got named to my 4th Olympic Games. I’m the 9th (Lolo and I agreed in exchange for an apple that she is the 10th) person to be named to both Summer and Winter Olympic teams and if I medal in Sochi next month, I will be the first person to medal in consecutive Summer and Winter Games.

While I’m thrilled about my selection to the team, it has been bittersweet because my being chose meant someone else in the running was not. Everyone on the world Cup tour had more experience than me and I had to depend heavily on the veterans to get me up to speed and often pick up my slack in areas where I was lacking initially. There is an interesting dynamic to having to depend on those you compete against to make sure you are competent. Each girl shared information willingly and so you can understand how it would be painful to watch your mentors be eliminated. Emily, Katie & Kristi Thank you for teaching me, instructing me, being patient with me and believing in me. I intend to make you proud! We have named ourselves the “Wolfpack” and there’s not a fiercer group of competitors I would rather live, travel, train, eat and room with.

Also, thanks to everyone who has bought an “I Can’t Do It Alone” shirt! We’re almost out and I’m so excited that so many people have decided to support me. My hope is that everyone will be wearing them when I compete on February 18th and 19th. Visit my website to get yours If you have a shirt, Facebook, Tweet or Instagram me a pic of you wearing it and I’ll share it as well as my Management team. Well that’s all for now! As we prepare for the Olympics, my focus is on getting better because my teammates and TEAM USA are counting for me.

So, I may not have much time for updates, so be sure to follow my management team on:

Twitter: @DiplomaticEntLike their Facebook Page: and of courseFollow me: @Lauryncwilliams andMy Facebook Page: to get progress reports!

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