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400m World Record! Seven gold Medals for Bolt! I would like to write a post about this but I am simply speechless! Because there are no words to describe the awesomeness of last night. I will instead reflect on the event most near and dear to my heart. Women’s 100m.

Two nights ago we saw yet another example of the inevitable changing of the guard that comes with the passing of time. While it may not always feel as such, change is actually good.

I LOVE Women’s 100m, not simply because it was the event that I competed in, but because of the way it changed my life. It was the after school activity that kept me engaged in something positive. In middle school, it was a chance to build the internal fortitude to deal with people who tried to use intimidation as a tactic to get what they wanted. In high school, it was the race that taught me it was ok to be good at something, and not to shy away from the praise I received as a result. In college, I learned that talent was not enough and that having a strong work ethic was required to truly master my craft. As a professional, I learned that it wasn’t just a race, but a chance to see the world and discover things about myself that would make me a better human being.

That said, congratulations to the new generation of women sprinters.

I know it sounds cliche, but everyone who competes is a winner. In the moment you may not realize it, but once you take time to reflect, you’ll begin to understand how everything you learned from this performance will help lead to a win in another aspect of your life.

Participating in sports has opened so many doors. It provided me a platform to reach out to others and become a positive influence on those around me. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Elaine and Tori, you will both learn that you are far more than fast. You are leaders for your country and have a responsibility to use this platform for good.

Shelly-Ann, I hope you are proud of all that you’ve accomplished. You are so much more than one race and one bronze medal. Everyone who participated in the sprints recognizes your accomplishments and respects them.

The joy of the race is hardly the medals accomplished but the experiences gained. Life is a journey and the experience is the prize.

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