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Golden Opportunity

Made it to Monaco! The picture posted is the view from our balcony, amazing right!? I am sitting on that balcony as I type and can’t help but be grateful. I’ve finally had time to process how the trials unfolded for me and what I want for myself for the remainder of the year.

You guys know I tell it ALL good or bad and I must say initially being selected to the relay was a tough pill for me to swallow. God is funny sometimes… I find it a little more than ironic that having been a direct part of the botched hand offs of the previous two games, I find myself on a 3rd team for solely the relay. Talk about a chance at redemption…

As a competitor you are always going to feel that pang when your split up into the A and B team. Having routinely been an ‘A’ team member and knowing that despite my current ‘B’ team position I am still the ‘Vet’ of the group required some self reflection on how I got here and what I can do to make this a positive experience. I seen it where the ‘Vet’ has tried to finagle things in such a way so as to justify their entitlement to being a participant because of ‘experience’.

As I walked into the hotel in Monaco I realized it was the same hotel that we stayed in 9 years ago (2003) for relay camp when I made my first team as an alternate for the World Championship relay. This is literally the place where I began gathering that ‘experience’ I just spoke of and I can truly say things have come full circle. I was 19, had just won Pan Am games and was just happy to be taking another trip to a place I had never been. Watching Maurice Greene, Jon Drummond, Chryste Gaines, Tori Edwards along with many other big names of the time was the best track and field school I could have gone to. I didn’t realize how much I learned from them or how those things would be so integral in my making it to where I am today. I have been around the world and back a zillion times since then.

This sport has nurtured and raised me. Ups and downs I am proud of how I’ve turned out and have genuine excitement about newness of what’s next. I am hoping to be as helpful as my those who helped me in welcoming the new comers to the wonderful world of track and field. Even for those who have been in the game for awhile but don’t have Olympic experience I want to be a resource to them. The goal is simple: be the best supporting cast member I can be; delight in where I am now and not rush this time away.

I can comfortably say that no one wants this relay GOLD medal more than me. Call my name I am ready to bring/take the stick, straight-a-way or curve doesn’t matter to me. Whether my feet touch the track or not I’m willing to do whatever it takes to contribute to the success of this 4x100m relay.

US against…the world… Let’s GO USA!!!!!

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