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ESPY Nomination for Lauryn Williams

#ESPYNominationforLaurynWilliams Recently, I was made aware I had not been selected as a nominee for the BET awards or the ESPY’s and members of #TeamLauryn are livid.

It is hard to stand firmly on the idea that I decide what a job well done means to me when I am constantly being bombarded by family, friends and complete strangers who tell me I should feel cheated.

Disappointment started to set in, because shouldn’t being the first American woman in history to medal in both the summer and winter games warrant recognition at that level? I had to check myself and be reminded that the most important thing is self- satisfaction. People who know me are proud of me and I don’t need an award to celebrate that.

Still, the way people have stepped up on my behalf is unbelievable! The outpouring of LOVE projected in the past few days is better than any award I could EVER receive. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Something similar happened in 2004 where many thought I was cheated out of a gold medal. Yet, with experience comes wisdom and I know that the reality is my life was not made worse because I got silver.

There are a number of reasons my name may have been left off the ballot none of which I will lose sleep over. No matter the reason, I am in touch with the truth that awards that receive the most visibility are no longer solely merit based but fine tuned for business and entertainment purposes.

I have not branded myself in such a way that I am easily known nationwide. I don’t desire that kind of fame and haven’t done anything in my life with the expectation of receiving praise from an outside source. Sense of accomplishment resides inside yourself. And so I self proclaim that, “I am in a category all by myself!”

That being said would it be cool to be nominated? Absolutely! Who knows what will come of #ESPYnominationforLaurynWilliams but I would love to just be invited. So ESPY committee if you change your mind have your people call my people. Oh wait I don’t have any people…well just call me.

I am Lauryn Williams 4x Olympian, first American woman to medal in both a summer and winter games but I am so much more!

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