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Markup assist is a new assist command that allows you to modify the design in 3D, by selecting a new profile or changing the position or rotation of existing elements. Assists are persistent, meaning that you can change the attributes of the assist before you start modifying your drawing and the changes will be available when you stop editing your drawing. For example, you could move a wall to reorient the building, adjust the roof plane to adjust the sun angle or change the appearance of the facade to match the model you are working with.Importing new designs (PDFs) is faster than ever:You can instantly convert any Adobe® Illustrator, PowerPoint, or Photoshop® (PS) file into a new AutoCAD drawing. You can then open the drawing in AutoCAD immediately to start working on it. (video: 1:15 min.)The new insert template gives you a quick way to quickly and easily insert common AutoCAD objects from Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint. You can drag and drop a new object in a working drawing to make a quickly design. The templates are saved for your account, so you can reuse them for different drawings.Let AutoCAD plan your workflow for you:You can set up your preferred way of organizing your drawings by creating plans. Set a number of plan thresholds to create the right level of planning for you and your workflows. Plans can be set for individual drawings, groups of drawings, whole folders, or you can create a custom plan.Perform draft-free plotting of geometries and prepare them for 3D workflows:You can plot without worrying about leaving room for new segments, adjusting the y-coordinate based on your drawing height or extending your current segments into new lines.Planning and detail views in the same viewport:You can switch between your drawing plan view and drawing detail view in one viewport.Project diagrams for faster product development:AutoCAD can help you quickly plan and analyze the most common features of your products. Set up a product prototype to be used as a quick plan or to begin product development.A more convenient new project format:A feature called project tab, which is more than just a new tab, it is also a new project format. Instead of choosing a preset project format, you can now select a tab and save the project in that format. 2be273e24d

AutoCAD PC/Windows

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